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Daffodil Ring

Daffodil Ring

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Introducing our captivating Daffodil March Birth Month Flower Ring, a stunning tribute to the symbolism of March's birth flower and the vibrant energy of the aquamarine birthstone. Embodying the essence of new beginnings, good luck, prosperity, and fortune, this ring is a beautiful representation of the journey of life and hope.

Crafted with precision and care, this ring features the radiant aquamarine birthstone, whose name originates from the Latin for seawater. Ancient mariners believed in its ability to calm waves and protect sailors, making it a symbol of safety and security. Additionally, this birthstone is associated with marital happiness, making it a perfect gift for couples celebrating anniversaries or special milestones.

The daffodil, March's birth flower, is known for its yellow petals that shine like golden bulbs, symbolizing the light of life and hope. This flower is a reminder of the beauty and strength that comes with new beginnings, making it a cherished symbol for those born in March.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply looking for a meaningful gift, our Daffodil March Birth Month Flower Ring with Aquamarine Birthstone is a timeless and elegant choice. Packaged in a lovely jewelry box, it's ready for gifting to someone special.

Timeline: Custom made to order (1-3 weeks)

Stone: 3 mm genuine AA grade brilliant cut and 1.2-3 solid round band

Vermeil is solid silver with 3 microns fo solid gold. All options are hypoallergenic. 

Special Options: I offer different gemstones upon request.

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About Amelia Ray

Amelia Ray is a Texas-based jewelry designer who creates unique, nature-inspired pieces using 3D printers. With a commitment to sustainability, Amelia prioritizes ethical sourcing of diamonds and gemstones. She is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact by utilizing non-plastic packaging and employing sustainable methods throughout her jewelry-making process. As a one-woman show, Amelia welcomes inquiries and custom requests, ensuring personalized attention to bring your dream piece to life. Feel free to reach out with any questions or design ideas